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WIP since this is the WIP forum after all.

Layout is kept simple so players don't get confused, what is usually a issue on ship location based maps.

So the indoor part are onlt some nessesary stairs to get players on different decks.

It uses alot of edited (recolored) HL2 textures and thats probebly the best I could do with my 2d skillz :P






It could use some harpoon laucher and modern AA gun models but I can't do that, maybe I'll get something decent done in hammer :)

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Looks good and like a typical Bluestrike WIP map:) The style is there and so is all the basic brushwork - it is very clean.

The deck of the ship looks a little repetitive with this same blue texture all over. I think you should use another variant for the weapons.

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IMO you should make it with night/evening lighting. With that you can play with some lights like lightspots and glows. Could add some nice stuff to the scene and you might not see the repetitive textures...

Looks good so far tho...

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Four things:

-The guns should actually fire when "used".

-It SHOULD be night.

Never mind spot lights though.

Use regular lights in several cabin windows & on the deck.

-The deck texture needs to be customised, badly.

Take inspiration from the look of modern warships.

-You've GOT to be able to get in the top part of the ship with REAL windows to look through.

Already looks 1 1/2 thumbs up though.

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