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Have you ever heard of directional dyslexia?


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I was researching some material to add to my level design site when I stumbled upon a curious condition. Some people are unable to memorize routes and get lost. While I was reading about level design I've accidentaly found about a condition that leaves a person unable to memorize a route. Level design has many sub-areas and one of them is giving the player directions. In some games the level design is poor and the player is lost with no clear indication of where to go. I've found out that the same can happen in real life and in some extreme cases it can be disorienting for a person to go to the bathroom in a school. They just can't memorize the route from class to bathroom and from bathroom to class.

In Shadow Warrior 2013 they made the mistake of putting strong lights in dead ends or in the background, missguiding the player. In Alan Wake it's the opposite, light is very well used and you can trust light to guide yourself. It seems that some people are unable to recognize clues to follow a path. That or they have memorie issues that prevent them from memorizing a map.


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19 hours ago, 0kelvin said:

Some people are unable to memorize routes and get lost.

That’s not a condition, that’s how women naturally are 😬



#sexistjokes aside, that’s really interesting. There’s all this bunch of interesting research and tangentially interests level designers, I remember @FMPONE (if I recall correctly) mentioning about right and left turns? (I think something from mall navigation?)

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Witnessing people's first impression of your map can be deeply insightful. I once made a map that was a house, and players spawned outside. Well to my surprise almost nobody ever went through the front door on their first playtest. They would often start climbing the house, make it to the roof, and then break into the house through the attic. 


It's not just lights that guide people, you can also guide people through suggestible design. I didn't intend to suggest players should climb my house, but that's how it was interpreted because for some reason everyone saw in the level design a path to climb that was 'forbidden' and they took it without hesitation. I suppose as kids we all want to go on the roof anyways so maybe we're always looking for that obvious opportunity subconsciously. 



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That’s a very interesting thing to see in testing. What game was the map for @zastels?

I imagine I would be tempted to do the same, given the right movement options… I guess going through the main door is too mundane and people play games to do what they normally can’t.

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