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God of War Ragnarok


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4 hours ago, Bunglo said:

Still need to play the first 3. I have a feeling I'll end up watching other people play this and 4. Who knows if I'll ever pick up a ps5. Obviously I blow my load over the art, the guys at Sony Santa Monica have been killing it.

I never played the original ones, I think I tried GoW3 at a game event, but didn’t like it back then, it felt to me just a button masher with no brain (probably would be different now that I got into Batman Arkham)…

I’ve started the reboot and is not like they make lots of references that make it non-enjoyable. We kinda all know what Kratos went through anyway, so it seems pretty clear it’s the past coming to haunt him.

I would recommend playing it if you have the PS4! ;) I got it for like £15 max in one of the regular discount events. The combat, at least at the beginning (one weapon barely upgraded), feels like a Souls game: lots of emphasis on parrying, methodical attack with strategic use of the power ups.

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