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The Matrix Resurrections


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On 9/9/2021 at 2:27 AM, Minos said:

I really hope I'm wrong, but there's a high chance it's gonna be just a nostalgic watered down remix of the old movies, like every other reboot these days :( 

Judging by the teaser trailers I think it's a guaranteed. Same exact beats. DO YOU REMEMBER NEO?? 

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9 minutes ago, ┌HP┘ said:

Actual badass idea from kojimasan



Wait a minute, you’re telling me Hideo Kojima is interested in interactive movies? The guy who puts eighteen minute long cut scenes in his video games?

Shocker :P

Quintin Tarantino: “what if the Matrix, but with feet?”

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I dunno. Seems alright for a next entry of The Matrix.

*Adjusts glasses*

We really don't know if it's a sequel or not. It does represent an older version of Neo though it might tell us that it is indeed a hard reset of Matrix after Smith had been dealt with but it could also be a version of Matrix before any of that, making it a prequel, or something in between. We know there has been multiple versions of Matrix and Neo, as seen in The Matrix Revolutions. Notice the plural in all of the names. The movie could just be one represention of the many.

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1 hour ago, Bunglo said:

Holy shit, I completely forget this was even a thing. I'm far more willing to give this a chance than the sequels.

you should watch it if you haven't yet, some of those shorts are really damn good. I think the new Netflix show "Love Death + Robots" deffo takes a page out of Animatrix book.

1 hour ago, Pampers said:

implying that Keanu has range as an actor

I think the fact that Keanu is the stoic, dull and monotone actor is one of the reasons he was so perfect in the original Matrix, it's way easier for the viewer to identify and even project himself to him. 


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Good call on praising Animatrix. I think I actually have a DVD of that laying around somewhere.

Anyway, I remember seeing the first Matrix movie in a theater on opening night in Kansas City, MO back in the 20th century with my cousin.

This trailer is the first piece of Matrix anything I've been excited about in a long time. I also see how the song choice may not have been the best being so on the nose, but I dunno I guess I've built up so much respect for Keanu Reeves that if he does a half decent job in this movie I'm optimistic I'll like it. I guess it may come down to directing and editing...

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