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The Matrix Resurrections


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Dunno if you heard that after infinite rumours, they are making a new Matrix film. Actually, since the trailers are coming out, they must have already filmed (during pandemic?).

No Fishbourne this time though (afaik) ? wonder how they’ll justify that

Looks like a remix of the previous ones, first one especially

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*pop* Speculation time

The Matrix has been reset, but the machines didn't start from zero. They just did a factory reset and prescribed stay dumb pills to the cast of the first.. Of course, their previous memories weren't entirely erased. They're still there, hidden in their minds, that's why Neo is having these surreal dreams. It's probably gonna be a take on reincarnation. 

Though, for that to be true, I guess one of the fan theories from the end of the trilogies would have to be also true. The theory is that even their post apocalyptic world isn't the real world, just another simulation. Well, if I remember correctly. It's been a while since I've watched anything matrix related.


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I'm honestly fairly unhappy with this choice of music for the trailer, its a great song but its way on the nose and honestly feels like Zack Snyder picked the music (he has used it himself before). The Matrix had a great original soundtrack that was very influential back in the day and it would have been great to hear the "updated" version of that for 2021 but instead we get this very old and well known track.

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Yeah i agree on that it has a real digital look to it, makes it look a bit more like a tvshow than a movie. I also really want it to be good, but this trailer doesnt give me alot of confidence.

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Remember that lame ass, watered-down dragonball Z fighting from the last movie? I wonder if they have any new ideas action-wise. Some of the sequences they originated are still hard to top (the lobby scene, bullet-time, freeway chase). I hope they have some decent ideas and concepts there, otherwise it won’t feel like a real sequel

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On 9/8/2021 at 4:40 PM, FMPONE said:

I bet you he’s not woke enough.

Trailer looks alright, I’m not particularly captivated, it’s lacking the wow factor of the original over the top action…

And it looks like everything has just been reset, so easy way out to get rid of Fishbourne. Doesn’t give me confidence they are trying to answer any of the questions left from the trilogy, rather than just repackaging the same ideas.

The replacement Morpheus looks like an annoying, discount, lookalike (as well as white rabbit seems to merge the random girl and Jada-Pinknett ?). If you won’t cast the original actor(s) then just go and be fully original, instead of playing the “oh so this is new X character”.

Hope they can beat my pessimism, but given how shit Sense8 was I have zero expectations.

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