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Half-Life Deathmatch mode remake in the Source Engine


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Hi we are a passionate and independent game developers, we are working on a Half-Life 2 total conversion multiplayer game based in the HL's deathmatch mode, this is a volunteer-project we are looking for talented mappers who can remake the hl maps multiplayer on the source engine previous work on the source engine is required and for the source engine modeler/animator we'll need a remake of the weapons such as SPAS-12, Glock-17, Pipe Wrench, Desert Eagle, MP5 and a crossbow and a medkit for the project also we'll need to make the player models for it and for programmers you'll need to make some hud design for each teams themed, load screen, team chose option and more.BootCamp_Courtyard.jpg.1c07218351a32742164a5218af06fef6.jpg











if you are interested to join please send one of your works at capturetheflagsourcemod@gmail.com or send us a DM in there! and we'll invite you in our moddb group.


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