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Boy stabs baby over game


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A game killed my mother and raped my father, I'm a half bag loser and I can't get my dig up, I have never see a lady naked in nature and IT IS ALL GAMES FAULT!

These people are just looking for excuse, like violent murderers trying to convince jury that they are mentally ill so that they go to mental institute instead of prison.

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That same kid could have practicing his piano or violin or something and if the baby was screwing him up the same thing could have happened

The kid is fucked up and its the parents fault, I've been playin violent video games since I was 7, doom, mortal kombat, all of them, and I have never exhibited violence towards anyone.

The kid had some problems, somebody should have realized it...

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Games don't make you violent, it's all psychological, if they did make you violent, then what made you a pacifist? I have played my share of the violent games and I have enjoyed them, maybe even have had some laughs when playing Mortal Kombat, but I'm a pacifist and I didn't even go to the army because of my dedication to my "ideology" and army is pretty big thing here in finland, something like 90% of the male population has been in army.

So what did I do to make me pacifist? Was it the morning cereals I ate? Was it the Biker Mice for Mars? What the hell was it if games make you violent, what makes you non violent, there has to be a pattern here for human behavior and child growing, someone should write a book so parents could parent their kids to be like machines to do better workload and never question authority.

Jesus people are stupid.

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But what if it was the game?

Then we are doomed since there are literally millions of gamers who play violent games and if people snap that easily, then alot more of them are going to snap too and eventually the universe will collapse and only thing left floating in vacuum is words "I told you so".

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