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Frostpunk 2


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Don't know how many of you played the first game, but it's pretty good. It managed to tie the mechanics into the narrative super well, to the point where you had to stop to consider the fantasy implications of your decisions. Not a lot of games manage to do that for me at least.  And they recently announced the sequel where it's all about the oil ? 



Also a recent article on their goals as a studio:

11 bit makes moves to bring "meaningful games" into AAA realm

"Warsaw, Poland-based 11 bit Studios is best known for finely-crafted, systems-centric strategy games that aim to do more than just encourage players to solve problems, but to solve problems that account for deeper human emotions.

"Meaningful games" is the term used often by 11 bit CEO Przemyslaw Marszal. The studio's most recent games, This War of Mine and Frostpunk, are superb examples of the concept of meaningful games. They both explore the value of human life and relationships, while forcing the player to make difficult decisions to the point where they're choosing the "best" options out of many terrible options."

"[I want to make] meaningful games, those valuable games, the games that respect players' time, [that] respect the player," he said. "I would like to make games that are entertaining, that I would like my children to play. That guides me, so I instill those values in our games."


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