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Games Soundtracks Thread


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I noticed that we don't have a dedicated thread for games soundtracks, and most of the OSTs are submitted to the general "what music are you listening to" thread where they get buried within the general music videos.

I'll start by posting some of my favorite game soundtracks from the 80s to present day; it's not a full and exhaustive list mind you, just couple of my favorites OSTs off the top of my head. Probably missed a lot but could always add them later :)

Post your favorites to share with the rest of us so others can discover hidden gems that they might not have known about or listened to. Feel free to discuss soundtracks too.

Here goes (I'm posting one track of the soundtrack but feel free to post your full soundtrack if needed):

Contra 1987
Jungle Theme (composer: Hidenori Maezawa)


Assassins' Creed Brotherhood 2010
City of Rome (Jesper Kyd)



Assassins' Creed II 2009
Ezio's Family (Jesper Kyd)



Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings 1999
Track 1 (Stephen Rippy)



Deus Ex 2000
Unatco (Alexander Brandon)



Deus Ex Human Revolution 2011
Detroit City Police Ambient ( Michael McCann)



Duke Nukem 3D 1996
Grabbag (Lee Jackson)



Dying Light 2015
The Following (Pawel Blaszczak)



Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon 2013
Power Core (Power Glove)



Far Cry 5 2018
When the Morning Light Shines In (Dan Romer)



Grim Fandango 1998
Casino Calavera (Peter McConnell)



Painkiller 2004
City On Water (Adam Skorupa, Marcin Czartynski)



Serious Sam 3 2011
Boss Fight Strings (Damjan Mravunac)



The Talos Principle 2014
Made Of Words (Damjan Mravunac)



Doom 1993
E1M1 At Doom's Gate (Robert Prince)



Max Payne 2001
Main Theme (Kärtsy Hatakka & Kimmo Kajasto)



S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl 2007
Against The Ionized Odds (Firelake)



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The beginning of Destiny 2 had its moment :

One of the map of Magic Arena has a cool song that change depending of the cards you are playing (if they are from a certain guild, the music just merge to the theme of the guild) it's pretty sweet and I don't understand why so much work were put on this one :D

The original


The 10 guild themes :



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12 hours ago, ┌HP┘ said:

wtf... lol Do you even play games bro? xD

I do, some 😄 haven’t played much and as regularly, but just look at the what are you playing topic ;)  It’s mostly that I’d like to play on the TV, and despite I have a gaming laptop, I can never be arsed to move it in the living room unless I’m playing LEGO with my partner 😅

For MGS, I never had a PS before the 4, and tried MGS1 for PC after I had played Splinter Cell, so I wrote off the franchise as too clunky back then. I did buy Ground Zeroes to try and see the modern experience tho, but haven’t got round to it, other priorities.

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When I wrote in the original post that the list was off the top of my head and I probably forgot a lot more of my favorites, I meant it :D

Thanks for posting and reminding me of favorite soundtracks I forgot to post especially Half-Life 2 (thanks @Radu), System Shock 2 and Quake 2 (thanks @dux), and Need for Speed 4 High Stakes (thanks @Buddy), and thanks for everyone for posting new soundtracks that I haven't known about. Keep them coming.

Here are 3 new soundtracks that should have been in the original post lol

Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear 1999

Overture (Bill Brown)


Unreal Tournament 1999

Razorback (Peter Hajba)


Crysis 2 2011

Epilogue "Main Theme" (Hans Zimmer)


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