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Guest Kaniche_Dawg

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Guest Kaniche_Dawg

Hello all

This is my third map in Prodeus, and i tried to work had on it to offer a huge mega structure concept.

The idea was to crush player under big geometries and proportions, to make him feel like he's a small part of a giant structure.


It begins in a kind of HUB, where you can see a gigantic dam like scenery, but you'll have to fight your way to open it, with 3 keys.

The arenas are full of foes, and are a little claustrophobic compared to open spaces. I tried to offer a lot of variety in the rooms, but to keep a choice, the one of a huge city in a distant future, which has been controled by AI.


I was very careful offering a hard and intense experience, but never impossible, never too stupid or punishing. I really hope people will have a good time playing it.











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