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"Steam Deck reservations moved back to Q2 and Q3 2022. 

An overwhelming number of orders caused problems for Valve when it opened pre-orders for the newly-announced Steam Deck on Friday. Many users struggled to get through the reservation process, either encountering error messages about the transaction itself, that they had attempted too many purchases in the last few hours, or that their account was "too new" to make the reservation.

The first tier of pre-orders is expected to ship in December, arriving Q1 2022. However, reservations for the 256GB model have been pushed back to Q2, and orders for the 512GB model are expected in Q3.

Despite the delay in shipping and account specification, Steam Deck pre-orders are already appearing in eBay listings at inflated prices, some as high as £1,200."


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I'm not even planning to reserve it, but If this is too new, how far into the future do new-new people get to reserve?

I’m a little skeptical about the size of it and— whoops, already attempted to reserve a copy of the highest end model 

Ill buy this and plug in my steam controller. Nice to not have to rely on a the breath of the wild or Mario odyssey. Always wanted a game gear 2. edit: forgot about my steam machine, so

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