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Materials from Blender to CS:GO (Please Help)


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I'm new to 3d modeling and I am trying to create custom props for CS:GO and I am not sure how to import props with more than one material.. for example, I'm making a grocery store and I want to make a shelf with cereal boxes on it and I don't know if I need to combine the materials somehow or just make vtf/vmf file for each and every texture even if it's for one prop which I've tried and it didn't work but could be doing it wrong. 

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A single prop can be made up of multiple meshes with different materials. In blender, assign each part a different material with a fitting name like "shelf_wood". You can then export the model and create the corresponding source material (shelf_wood.vmt). Make sure your source materials line up with the $cdmaterials you set in the models .qc file. I believe by default up to 32 materials / prop are supported.

If you are heaving trouble exporting source props from blender and are using blender 2.8+, try source ops. It makes the whole process a lot easier and faster:

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