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[CSGO] Paradise Update


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After being dis-satisfied with the state of Paradise it was in I wanted to do more about it. The performance was terrible and visuals were highly lacking. It was awesome to work with @Peakeand Sir Thomas who assisted with detailing, optimization, and polishing. Previously I had worked on all aspects of the project, but for this update I heavily focused on replacing all custom content with my own. Happy with how it turned out, so without further adieu, here's some screenshots.

















I also designed the map badge, which I think turned out well. Thanks to TheWhaleMan for giving a few notes on it.




Alright thanks for reading.


Take care!

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Definitely a large improvement over the original. When you compare two versions it really shows how fast youve progressed over the past year. Everything that was lacking in the original has been addressed. Colors are more uniform and refined, props all match a single style and the whole map feels more cohesive. Even the map logo is a major show of improvement in your skill. Considering how far youve come in so little time, it will be interesting to see around a year from now just how much more your skills have grown. I think you definitely have a bright future with both mapping and environment art.

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