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Large signature images?



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  1. 1. Well?

    • Limit it! (eg. 480 x 100 pixels, easily enough)
    • No! I want to waste bandwidth and screen space!
    • Burn the signature images! Burn them all!

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Urgh, this forum has only just started, and I'm already seeing signatures that take up half my screen >_<

So, who's up for a limit? It's not like you arent going to be able to express your artistic skill and saving my bandwidth/screenspace at the same time.

note: Size mentioned in poll is just an example, but something close to that.

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Guest John Kerry

mines 403x138 and im not gonna change it.. but i do belive we should set SOME kind of rules for screen filling sigs..

edit: changed it a little.. made some parts transparent

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