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Some Album Art I'm Working On


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Well I'm starting to work on a few album art designs/themes for my friends ska band called Chicken Poodle Soup. I'll probably end up making them a website eventually too, but for now it's about the cd. I've got one done so far and I think it turned out pretty good. Tell me what yah think. :shock:

Anyways here's the first ones:

Front (Booklet):




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Well I just printed the thing out, turned out pretty good except the colors are way off (pink yeah!). My printer's running outa colored ink and slowley becoming depressed. Stupid emo printers. :cry:

Anyway, here are some really crappy photos taken by my piece of junk camera of a real life model:


Opened Up including a flipped upside down Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction expansion disc :-D


If your wondering why there's no information is becuase it hasen't been made final what it's gonna be.

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