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Battlefield 2042

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I really like the idea of the custom modes, brings back the good times of custom servers… we used to play BF1942 in LAN with friends, something like 8 vs 64 bots (or whatever was the highest number you could have).

I do wonder though how full the servers will get for these.

It would be cool to allow community to produce content, the way Valve has embraced custom works great.

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Did anyone try the beta at all? What were your thoughts?

Personally, I was really looking forward to this game. I've been craving a new shooter for so long as I'm bored of everything else and Battlefield used to be my jam. I was hoping for a return to the BF BC2/BF3 days but after playing the beta I feel like I'm not going to enjoy the game.

The biggest thing for me was the same characters used for both teams. It baffles me how this got through the design process. It's impossible to tell at a glance what team anyone is on. Did this game start as a Battle Royale then get turned into a Battlefield game because that would kind of make sense. You would know who's in your squad and anyone else is fair game, just shoot them. I lost count the amount of times I shot at friendlies or didn't shoot at enemies because of this.

Also, everyone being able to use any gun/gadget just removed any sense of team play. Nobody was reviving, it was impossible to find ammo and I couldn't easily tell who was anti-vehicle so I could support them with ammo/cover fire. The whole class system made Battlefield what it was. You'd have to have a mix of all classes to succeed. Now it just feels like a big deathmatch and everyone is just chasing that kill they wanted.

There were a load of other things which put me off, the vehicles felt horrible to control, the map felt way too big (and it's not even the biggest map), AI was pointless filler and the tornado felt like it'd get old fast.

Graphically it was alright and I think Portal might be where I spend most of my time if I do end up picking it up. Just based on the beta I wasn't impressed at all sadly.

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I tried the beta over the weekend and I can safely say that it's not for me. The chaos of having 128 players all doing their thing in a massive map feels.. well, chaotic. But I know people who are all about that, playing with their squad and pushing through it. The game looks amazing, but it's not without performance issues and bugs in traditional bf on launch style.

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