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I'm talking about the game that's set after the events of the film. This could possibly be a very cool game if it wasn't for being so fucking annoying!!

I was so fucking fed up of this level wherey ou have to work your way down platforms avoiding steam jets, troopers and constantly respawning things! I got to the bottom once and then walked into a couple of turrets, in a panic I chucked a couple of HE-grenades their way both of which proceeded to bounce back after hitting the wall blowing my face off. Bollocks. Finally managed to beat it, annoyed me even more because there was a save point just inches from where I died..

Fuck me, the game's so hard at times, I had like 20 attempts before I could beat that second boss. There's no health whatsoever on some levels and then shitloads on others, bad level-design if you ask me. Now what the fuck is up with the last two levels?! You have to work your way back up to a checkpoint avoiding fire and explosions, then you're attacked by two creatures and three soldiers, before making it through a vent and having to take out 6 more creatures, all this and you still can't save at the end.. wtf?!! Oh and it seriously pisses me off that it doesn't save at the beginning of a new level, someone should seriously kick the guys responsible for this shit in the head.. for crimes against decent design.

Now I'm stuck on the last level where you're running through the snow shooting soldiers.. annoying doesn't even begin to describe it..


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Just strikes me as odd, though I guess there isn't anything really "wrong" with it. Perhaps it would be wise to start up a general "recently played" thread where people can discuss any old games they are playing rather than starting up entire threads for a game most people have long since forgotten about?

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