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Mapper - HL2 Mod - Wretched Abandon

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Wretched Abandon, after going through a few changes, is back up and ready, and under new leadership. I, as the original lead, was unable to keep up due to social commitments, leading to Wretched Abandon becoming under the leadership of Gabriel, who will also be doing 2D Art, as well as building out website and forums.

Under new leadership development has sped up, and things are looking wonderful. The launch of the Wretched Abandon homepage is just ahead, forums are up and running and development is going steady.

Wretched Abandon is at the stage where it needs a keen and talented mapper to take the reigns in creating our combat zones. This is where any of you, who are interested, come in.

Wretched Abandon, in a summery, is a team based future war modification for Half-Life 2 set in the year 3050. The aim is to take a complete fantasy setting yet build it in the most realistic manner possible, give the perfect representation of war in the year 3050. The mod lightly borrows teamplay and weapon elements from games such as Team Fortress, Counter-Strike, and Battlefield 2. Some elements can even be compared to deep strategy games such as StarCraft.

Mappers who are interested must be prepared to use all their talents to the full, and must be creative and able to visualise the very worlds they will be creating.

More information on the mod can be found on both the forums and the WA ModDB profile, both found at:

Wretched Abandon Forums

ModDB Profile

If those who are considering mapping for us, or anyone really, would like an example of how maps will be designed and played out, they can download the following document. Inside you will find a design brief for a simple Wretched-Abandon map, but it gives an idea of how things will work.

Map 1 – Design Document

If anyone is interested or has questions, either PM me, visit our forums, or contact me at:


We hope to see some interest.

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