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Bad Grammar and spelling


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Let's have an other open discussion here. The central question is:

Bad spelling and grammar: why is it so common amongst youths?

Seriously, I am sometimes wondering why some people write as bad english as they do. And I don't mean the people from where english isn't the first language or the rare dyslectic case: some people seem to be really putting effort into not writing proper sentences.

Is it due to lack or knowledge of a different level of education? Is it just being lazy or is it 'cool' to do so? Do people do this intentional or do they just not care that they write bad english. Better yet: is it common amongst youths? (I do get the impression it is, but it's not based on absolute numbers; just on what I read)

This is not a thread to dis people who write bad english; I am just curious to find out the reason and/or motivation behind it. I've always be frank in the fact I think the (abundant) usage of bad grammar and/or spelling reflects poorly of the writer but for now I will try and put that aside and let my curiosity take the upperhand in this discussion-to-be.

Fire away and remember to remain respectful

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i think it really is because they have no idea how to write stuff right. Last week i had to explain to d3(adlode) thats its not 'i should of' but 'i should have' and he was genuinely flabbergasted

Hey fuck off, I wasn't feeling 100% Besides, at least I don't type stuff like 'ur map looks cool' :D

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where the fuck did you get that keyboard ?? or is it customary in finland to have such retarded keyboards ?

Since I'm at work and I don't get to choose the computer accessories this just popped to my desk one day, I'm still waiting to get that sweet sweet logitech set.

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