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Looking For A Mapper

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We recently had a small update, but I don't think it will do much to fill positions we currently need to be filled. Operation:Shadow Phoenix is a multiplayer full conversion. Personally, I'm tired of mods like "Insurgency"(nice looking mod though) with human vrs human in a modern area, so we went in to a more original path. The "Phoenix" are basically aliens, here is a render of one of the many types of them.


The opposing is the Rangers, Navy Seals, and Specials Operations. All have different themed maps, to accommodate what they do in real life.(Seals will come off of a Mark 5 SOC, for example) The main gameplay type is called "Stronghold", where you have to capture and hold 4 points on the map(almost like Battlefield). Here is a render of the Ranger.


Here are some of the weapons the Rangers will be using. Weapons will be upgradable in the game.



The progress of the game has speeded up dramatically due to 2 coders working very hard. We have the stronghold mode coded in, as well as the Baretta. I think we are a fairly talented team, and we are always talking on ventrilo, becuase comminucation with-in a mod team is very important.

We are mainly looking for these people, but all other positions are open to. My email is osp211@gmail.com and my msn is elie_nc_21@hotmail.com. Or you can go to our website(http://www.shadow-phoenix.com)

-Texture Artists


-Sprite Artist

-Prop Modelers

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