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War of the Worlds....


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Rocked my world!! It is truly an amazing film... 2 hours of complete intensity. SS really did a great job directing this movie.

As for acting Dakota Fanning (the little girl from Man on Fire) did an excellent job as always. Suprisingly enough Tom Cruise did a great job playing the immature dad. I would suggest everyone sees this movie.... it is truly amazing.

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Hehe there is a part in the movie where they turn on the radio and it gives out one of the test emergency signal announcment deals and the guys goes "This is the emergency signal sound... this is only a test... if not a test an emergency official will come on and announce the emergency... this is only a test... thank you".... Now I understand why that was in the movie because of that radio broadcast

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Just saw it this afternoon. I thought it was awesome. The movie doesn't waste that much time getting started either.

Probably one of the few Tom Cruise movies where you see the character on screen, rather than a character, played by Tom Cruise.

And Dakota Fanning scares me.

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