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Kevin Monsalve | Level Designer

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 I've made a portfolio on Source engine games like Team Fortress 2, Insurgency, and Garry's Mod.

I see my work as a hobby, though I figure no harm in posting a portfolio.

I understand there are faults like lacking in depth documentation notes, non-official gamemodes, and one being a 'movie set' and not an intended play space.

Future projects are intended to remedy this.








St. Monika


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Hey there! New-ish amateur level designer here so please take anything I say with a grain of salt. 

I love the atmosphere of Black Lagoon and from my point of view, your levels seem to have a consistent and solid quality to them. I noticed the Gmod level has a video but it would be cool to see it being played through so I have a sense of how it works within the actual game. Really for any of them I think somewhat of a playthrough would be a welcome addition. Also the Black Lagoon page doesn't have a download link.

One thing that could help draw attention is making taking a screenshot of the store pages w/ the ratings since all of yours have 4/5 or better. I think this could be a good way to show how the community received the map and sort of show off your commitment to quality in a way. 

And then as you mentioned maybe showing more of your process of designing and testing the maps, along with the iteration/changes you've made would be a nice addition as well.

Overall I think as a hobbyist I think you've got a nice portfolio. One thing I have heard people mention is to sort of separate your newer/better quality creations from your old ones. So if there was a way to have 3 of your best maps in one section, and then older/less relevant stuff on another. That way people don't get overwhelmed from the amount of maps, and they really only see the good stuff.

Again, keep in mind I don't have much experience to speak from but these are things I've heard others mention, or just what I think might be a good idea.

Overall great job!

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