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Have you ever got frustated or really angry when you watch a movie and the plot is all unlogical?

Some times im actually thinking of throwing out the television through the window.

Its so stupid that it can ruin a whole movie.

And for the rest of the movie i can only think about how stupid it is.

Like in Out Of Time with Denzel Washington: http://www.outoftimemovie.com/

The movie is quite good if not even great, and then he does something unbelievable stupid.

He tries to get everything right and erase all tracks of him knowing the wictims (his mistress and her husband) in the fire, phone calls he made to her, having a hard time to keep up as the clues that points to him reveals, and when he finally get his hands on the money he gave the women AND got a location where she and her husband is he takes the money and drives to them!!!!!

I mean cmone!

All he really has to do is to tell every cop that they are alive and where they are and go with them to capture them!

And he would be of the hook.

Because thats the only thing he could be framed to have done, killing this couple and now they are out on the boat. He allready have the money so they can't frame him for that.

I just don't get it!

Now this movie is ruined.

/me goes back to see how it ends.


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