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i'm looking to buy a camera...

Vinny Testaverde

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I want to start getting into photography and I dont know where to start...

I want a good digi cam with lots of options thats tailored for photography...

As far as price goes, I'm looking for something around $600 - $800 (is that an average range for quality cams or should I invest more?)

Also I guess I would have to look into lens and stuff too right?

So any info you guys can think of that would help out a photography newbie would be great, like what cam you use and where you got it etc...

Thanks guys! :D

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I think you can buy 2 good camera's for that money. Anyway, i think you're asking the wrong people. (Almost?) Everybody here's got a nice camera, everybody loves their camera. Everybody will tell you to get that camera because it's just so good. I don't think that most people here (including me!) have tried out enough camera's to judge them really well. So i'd ask someone at a photography shop. Or Mikezilla, he seems to be really into the hardware as well.

Anyway, my favorite camera is the Konica, Digital Revio KD-500Z, 5.0 MPixel. It's the best camera out there and you should get it too ;)

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I'm looking to grab a fairly cheap digital camera for snapping real world reference pictures, and perhaps a little bit of texture work. I don't really wanna spend more than £250, and as I'm not really looking to break into photography for photography's sake, I don't think I should really need to. Anybody got any good recommendations in this price range? At the moment I'm thinking that the Fujifilm Finepix S5500 (also known as S5100 in some places) seems like a real bargain at around £175, being a 4MP camera with 10x optical zoom. Would this be suitable for my purposes? Reviews I've read make it out to be a very respectable camera.

http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/specs/F ... s5100z.asp

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