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Hi! For few weeks I'm working on my first map (5v5). It is a really rough blockout, nothing is on the grid nothing is made how it's suppose to be made.. but this way I can work really fast.

I'm making this post to keep track of progress. It's probably doesnt make any sence art or gameplay wise and it is hard for me to share wip in this stage.. but I though it might be interesting to see how it's shaping up over time. 


Screenshot 2021-04-03 191843.jpg

Screenshot 2021-04-03 191930.jpg

Screenshot 2021-04-03 191955.jpg

Screenshot 2021-04-03 192051.jpg

Screenshot 2021-04-03 192236.jpg

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Ok here is a sneak peak :) It is nowhere near finish all props are wip. I've created a small library of small medium a large pieces to create a "beutiful corner" to see what is possible in source. 





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