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[CS:GO] de_lighthouse wingman


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So after many hours I finally got my first map to a publishable state. You can find it here:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2432752075

The map is a wingman map set on an offshore island, featuring a lighthouse. It's main idea is to give ct's a strong but exposed sniping position on the Lighthouse, but give the terrorists a tunnel leading into the building and contest the strong positions of the map.

As this is my first map most of my time was spend learning the source sdk. (also the map has horrible brushwork because it took me a while to figure out not to use the carve tool) Now that I have a better grasp of the basics I'm probably gonna start a new project with hopefully more polish. I'm thinking about doing a map set in a roman bath next.

Feedback is highly appreciated.



- The map seems kind of T-sided in playtests, any advice on how to shift the favor back to the ct's a bit?

- I had some friends who are into blender make the custom props for this map, these props are mostly coloured white. In game the sides of the props that are directly exposed to the light_environment are super bright (see image) when viewed from certain angles, stepping into these angles creates a very distracting bloom effect like the whole area is suddenly getting overexposed. I kinda fixed this problem by adjusting the light_environment angle to not directly shine on these props and moving the most affected prop out of the playable area. Is there a way to fix this? I tried playing around with the phong values in the vmt, but even disabling phong doesnt fix it. Tbh the vmt settings are kinda hard to get for me, and i wasnt able to find a good tutorial which explains them.exposure.png.6642331975977fe9eba5181337cefff6.png


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The props likely aren't overexposed - by which I mean it's not a lighting issue

Since you say te textures are ''mostly white'', I'm gonna assume you mean actually white, not light grey. You can darken the props by overlaying a grey tint in the editor, like you did with the containers, you can use $color2 in the vmt, or edit the texture.

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Map doesn't look natural for me. You could try making small island with lighthouse and small house for more geometry. Maybe same cave if you want keep this underground are for boats.

Here are some examples what I mean. I didn't spend too much time on research, but you definitely should.


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