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they're cool but seem a little loose for me. Like I get the general idea of what you're doing but you seem to be grabbing sorta random visuals from the carnival area and running with it.

The purple ferris wheel killer shows the most promise. For starters I'd toss the ferris wheel. It causes a bunch of odd problems for a sniper character and looks generally out of place. The loose idea I get is some carny went nuts and decided to become a killer or something. If it were mine I'd make him a carny who went crazy and went on a rampage. Instead of lollipops I'd have those prize stuffed animals and he'd leave one on every victim he takes out.

As for the bear, his strongest assett is the hat. The bottles and little girl on the stretcher are just weird, and not in a good way. The bear feels like a side character, which could work but would need to fit into the existing theme you've set up for youself.

Anyway those are my constructive comments.

anyway those are my comments.

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I thought there would be one clear winner...better explain the project a bit...

This character is a sort of project where I'm trying to create a character that would suit a popular game series (FPS) that a company do who I soon have a interview with.

The sniper guy, the ferris wheel isn't a gimmick. The idea is that you need to shoot out all the carridges as the wheel rotates (from a distance). Its very much what I'm about, fun is more important than realism. I'm really into the fact that games are currently obsessed with realism and so much so it limits what you can do with games. I swear, if Mario brothers was invented yesterday we would have people saying "But why would the koopas keep their shells on if mario can use them as weapons?...lets just put them in tanks".

We're heading to a stage where if a game character needs health they have to head to a hospital and wait in a waiting room for 3 hours...look at MGS3, you have to treat individual wounds with particular treatments. Arm hit by bullet?...now you have to cut it out with a knife, tie up the wound and put on TCP...

aaaaaanyway, back on track. If I do sniper I'll pull back the wheel as it DOES look a little too close in the concept, so his arms can bend back. Apart from that I think it will fine...without the wheel it just has no interest both in terms of gameplay and art/animation.

Ah yes, is it based on my 'carnival' style projects?...I try and base all my characters within the same world. Its a sort of mixture between my own style and the style created by the company.

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Carnival man wins...

Since I have no High poly in my portfolio I thought I would make this my first piece of HP work. Still needs alot of tweaking but thought I'd show it while I ask a question...

eyebrows and tash...how would you go about this with a HP stylized head?, I'm not wanting to use any hair plugins. Is it normal to extrude polys or should they be seperate objects. I have a feeling the answer is seperate objects but the problem I have with that is when showing wires it gets in the way of the underlying topology.

Thanks for all crits and comments


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