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Mapcore X Prodeus Winners Announced!

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Judges for Mapcore X Prodeus

- General Vivi
- Dragonfly

The Prodeus community would like to thank FMPONE and ICARUSLIV3S for helping us judge this competition. It was very difficult judging the entries this time around and we were glad they could join us on this noble quest!

 The WINNERS of Mapcore X Prodeus

1st place: Bunnymauler [ Internal Disruption ]
P-link: m-DlOgFtF8dy

- $1,500.00 USD
- One year of Humble Choice
- Excalibur Gauntlets and Biker Gloves (skins)
- Special winners role on the Prodeus Discord

2nd Place: Paws [ Altitude ]
P-link: m-ht1EjFQZov

- $500.00 USD
- 1 month to Humble Choice
- Biker Gloves (skin)
- Special winners role on the Prodeus Discord


3rd Place: Iori Dyson [ Xtal Site 02 ]
P-link: m-yM9kZZRh3g

- 1 month to Humble Choice
- Special winners role on the Prodeus Discord


All of the winners will also be showcased on our Youtube channel, and because we had so many amazing entries, we’ll be showcasing parts of our Staff Picks too. 

We want to thank the wonderful folks over at Mapcore for hosting this sick competition, we couldn’t have done it without you! The future's looking bright, and we’re glad you could be along for the ride!

Here is a bonus video by Kirk Collects going over the winners and his top picks! 

Also, be sure to retweet the winners!

See you next time!

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