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25 Most Influencial Games


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One of my colleages at IO recently made a picture to portray his opinion of the most influencial games made (heres his: http://binarybonsai.com/archives/2005/0 ... ial-games/ ), and while taking a break from some massive gaming I decided to follow his lead and do one myself.

Keep in mind that these might not be the best games (although most of these are classics anyway), but more importantly they are games that has made you think differently about games. One thing I kept thinking over was adding Doom, but Doom didnt really change my mind regarding first person shooters to be honest. Wolfenstein 3D was the one that made me fall in love with the gerne, and although Doom is probably a better game, it hasnt fundamentally influenced my look at games as much as Wolfenstein did.

Anyway, heres mine


I encourage you to make one yourself, its good fun when you really think back on memories of these games, and will probably end up wanting to playing them again :)

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Shenmue. The most underappreciated game of the last five years. I remember getting it the christmas of its release and having, really, no idea what it was. Little did I know it would eat up the next few months of my life.

Not only was it probably the most visually stunning game at its release (at least, in my opinion) but the amount of interactivity and detail was staggering. Day/Night cycles (Ryu has a watch!) and the weather system was awesome as well.

I could go on forever, but it's sad that they bascially canned the series after the second one. They decided to create an MMO out of the franchise instead of finishing it off...

Anyhow, good list.

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good choices for the most part

one change i would make is; swap mi2 for 1 or dott

why you may ask? mi2 was the first lucas game to use iMuse which totally rocked me at the time for music :o

also: what is the game to right of theme park? can't make it out

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There were many games that I enjoyed to play but they had no influence on my life.

The only game that influences me is Half-Life. Not because I'm a fanboy, but because I'm a mapper...

Maybe I misunderstood the word "influence", but for me it means influence on my life. There are some movies, books and also songs that actually changed the way how I view or think about some things.

There are some games that get near that experience. For example I felt sad for Max Payne when he found his dead family, or I like Manny from Grim Fandango for being such a nice loser. There are even games with some messages within like the whole immortal-but-slave-thing in Half-Life 2 or the whole don't-be-influenced-by-your-gens-blah in Metal Gear Solid.

All these games go in the right direction and I guess there are some other examples. But for me, not a single game that I've played so far has really left me a permanent impression besides "that was fun".

Ok of course "fun" is, what games are all about, but it doesn't have to be this way. I think games have the same status like comics in the 50's. At that time comics were only some entertainment for kids, but nowadays comics can be an deep art form as well.

/forgive me for my bad english

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