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[CS:GO] WIP - de_jobhunt - Feedback appreciated!


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Hey guys!

As part of a job application for a Level Designer I was asked to create a CS:GO map to showcase my ability to design multiplayer levels as I have no experience designing in this genre so far! Part of the task is to gather some playtesting feedback and the LDs at the company highly recommended this community for this! Here's the map:

Name: de_jobhunt

LINK: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2409784339

I would greatly appreciate if anyone can play around in it, ideally in 5v5 matches and give me any feedback that you have!

A few more notes. I have almost no experience playing CS, but played for a few days to get a feel and had some friends help me with basics and some more advanced strategies. The map has been in production for a week on and off in my free time, and I have another week or so to finish it. I am not aiming at adding any details or textures, but purely focus on gameplay through level design (although in CS textures play quite a bit role, it's just not feasible in the time frame). So in a way, I am not aiming here to create the most balanced and fun map in CS:GO, but to showcase my design process from paper, to engine and playtesting.

I am quite happy with the big shapes so far and connectivity seems alright. More work is definitely needed on precise positioning of covers, more windows and openings to throw granades through and other things, but any feedback is welcome! Will be happy to answer any questions as well ?






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First of all, congrats for getting to the test stage of the process.

It’s  very important you generate the map layout for the radar, people can already give some opinions based on that.

It’s also required for tests I believe. We used to organise tests on the forum but I think now it’s all trough discord, see the topic: 

I haven’t got CSGO installed but was thinking of downloading again, if I do I’ll run around your map.

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Hello Niflheim!

I have been running around on your map, and can see that you are good at what you are doing :)


All "elememts/rooms" are cool, but I think they do not fit together that well (as a competitive cs:go map).


Short feedback:


-Not sure what's up with the small boxes, does not fill any purpose.


-The mid "room" (the first picture) is GREAT! And I would like to have a bomt-site played around it. But there are too many corridors leading there. Mayby block off "upper CT-main"?


-To be honest. A site (and everything around) is a mess. To big "open area" and the "garage" is too small ?


With some blocked and changed routes towards B, it can be a really good map. Would not mind working on that part at a later stage :)


More feedback to come later :)

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Hey guys! Thank you so much for the feedback!

I got sidetracked with other jobs since this company sent me a mail while I was still making the map that they are no longer considering me for the position. Turned out for the better as I got another job that was not available at the time and really fits my personal taste in games.

Overall I had a lot of fun making this map actually and would like to improve it in the future! Your feedback is really valuable and makes a lot of sense!

@blackdog Indeed! Once I get back around to the map I will create a better looking radar and post it with the other photos. That's a critical miss on my end! Thanks for the discord link, will check it out!

@Marak Yes, I also find most of the places quite empty. Details will help, but I think in general the cover placement can be improved to make some of these areas work better.

@KennedyB I guess I intended the small boxes to be small covers, like the barrels and boxes on Dust 2 Bomb B. Need to revisit them. Glad you like the mid room! It went through a lot of completely horrible iterations before it started playing nicely! I also like it now. Blocking upper CT might be good indeed. Regarding A site, I thought about reducing the openness by adding an arched pathway coming from T Spawn instead of it just being wide open. Should allow you to get into the garage place easier with a smoke and funnel it down a bit.

Anyway, thanks for the tips! I will hopefully be back to update this in the next couple of months!

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