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Kept seeing this pop up in the news with 3m players now. I tried it earlier and I have to say first impression is good! The forests feel like actual forests, with lush vegetation. And the game seems pretty easy to get into. Overall, pretty honest design, no bullshit. Would recommend to try.

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Dedicated servers with persistent worlds? This sounds amazing/dangerous. Bought it and am planning to give it a whirl this weekend.

From everything I've heard this sounds like it could be very addictive.

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It feels well put together, but I wish there were more varied structures to explore - the black forest pretty much only has 2 or 3 types of structure ( in various degrees of decay ) and all 3 of them are a type of square tower ( not counting troll caves and dungeons, I suppose, but they seem like a separate category ). Also the stone blocks of the towers are so rough that they end up more often than not making it impossible to climb up the stairs - you can usually sprint-jump up the platforms to get around that, but if there's skeletons in the tower it really ruins the combat through just how clunky it gets

Troll caves feel pretty nothing-burger because pretty much the only strategy seems to be to stay in the doorway and snipe at the troll

'be cool if there was a first-person mode honestly, would make combat/exploring of enclosed spaces a lot easier, and if you're holding a torch in third person you really just about see less than without it

Got stuck for a bit because I couldn't find any new biomes, finally found a swamp and summarily got my ass clapped - got a cauldron since then though so maybe it's less harsh if I have poison resistance.

Oh and my ''the elder'' location was on an island only about as big as the altar itself, and he dropped his fucking loot into the ocean the first time I beat him so that was nice


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Retrospective upon having finished the main plotline;

- gold is far too abundant / the trader lacks expensive items. Hell, if he just sold basic shit like feathers at exorbitant prices at least it'd still serve a function

- ''new item / recipe'' messages kind of slip by too quickly sometimes, might be nice to have a more fleshed-out ''progress/recipe book'' in-game rather than just a text log of the crow messages so players don't have to meta it out glancing at the wiki

- the lack of vertical input in melee attacks can make it quite annoying fighting on sloped surfaces

- cannot pause the game even if playing solo ( I am a human I need to pee whom the fuck decided to omit this )

- kind of runs awful all things considered + freezes completely for 2 full seconds every time it autosaves

- [ several dozen minor nitpicks removed for your convenience ]


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Hated it enough to binge through over a hundred hours of it :v

Well, no, obviously - but what is there to say? Yea, it's got a nice atmosphere, and if it didn't run so fuckawfully I might even compliment the charming visuals

They're not negatives, exactly, anyway. it's more like things I thought could be improved, I guess

I suppose it's not the right way to view things that I'm not personally involved with - but, well, I do :|

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