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[cs:go] - vmf files free to use - de_norte & cs_wetland

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Dev files from de_norte - Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EA8J6ShJDP8pc1v_6rd1uH5Tax3naIra/view?usp=sharing

hi, I want to share with you the dev file from my map de_norte and cs_wetland


You can freely use this for any purpose. You can use the map as whole or take parts of it to integrate in other projects.

Maybe you want to make this map into a hostage rescue map? Be creative! Let your imagination shine! smileD.png

----------- Info

- You find the env_light, env_sun and all those things at the T spawn

- I had to remove or replace some custom models and textures, sorry.

You can download following custom textures I replaced from textures.com. It is for free, you just need an account. But notice that I changed the brightness and/or color of the textures for my map.
- the custom ground texture at bombsite A is also from textures.com, but I can't find it anymore.

----------- How to use

- copy the folders "csgo" and "sdk_content" into your Counter-Strike Global Offensive folder which is probably located like this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive

-----------Auto Radar Bug:

If you want to create a new radar with TAR, then you need to hide the one displacement shown in the picture "solve_radar_bug".


I spend some more hours to update the custom textures. They are now of higher quality with a selfmade detail and blendmodular textures. I also added a new bear statue.

r/csmapmakers - Share my vmf file for de_norte


Dev files from cs_wetland - Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yfE6kWQ8uogV1Bd6pcc8LKIKZpeUfIxN/view

Also free to use for any purpose.


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I spend a few more hours to add custom textures again I am allowed to share. The grass, gravel, mud, rock and the one ground texture at bombsite A are now again custom textures fitting the theme. I also added the missing custom sky texture.
I got the new custom textures from https://texturehaven.com/. A site where you get free textures you can use for any purpose.
I also wait for a response from Valve / their support team wheter I am allowed to share the modified cs:go models (white rock, lower grass,..) as well.
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- Artist wanted for grass detail sprites -

I look for an Artist to create grass detail sprites (like those) for this map but also for eveyone else free to use for any purpose (CC0 License). So I can integrate it into the files I already share. I do not use the dangerzone sprites because they got a disturbing look. It would negatively effect the peacefull atmosphere of this map.

So the sprite sheet I would like to have should match the peacefull atmosphere. It should contain several grass types and some wild flowers with different colours fitting into the peacefull athmosphere (white and others). To make them match the theme you best walk around the map (de_norte) for yourself.


Update: The shared dev files comes without the customized cs:go models. I am not allowed to share them because of copyrights. Maybe someone else will share some white rocks and fitting custom grass with the cs:go community.

But one good thing has this. You clearly see what great difference a simple brightness change on the rock models have. It effects the whole atmosphere of the map.

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