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[CS:GO] de_Viejo_new


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This map is a new layout incorporating some of the assets from previous map, de_viejo. The previous map suffered from layout issues which stemmed from me trying too hard to make it seem like a realistic city. For this map I decided to keep the bombsites and the theme, as they were what I was most proud of.

Edit:Steam Workshop Link:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2402730401


This is the layout I've finished so far. Mid is highlighted in green and the bombsites in orange. The lines connecting them are the routes the Ts and CTs take to get them, with the dotted lines signifying the route that goes underneath. I've numbered some of the confusing bits for clarity

1. This is a one way drop from the connector to the site.

2. This is a courtyard that serves a psuedo mid as it links paths from mid and both sites. I want it to serve a similar function to the bathroom in overpass, serving as a contact point before, or in this case after the site that teams can choose to contest.

3.This is a bridge over the connector that connects to mid. There are no sight-lines between the two routes and the junction, but I want it to be wall-bangable.

4. This is a one-way drop from mid to the Courtyard. It also serves as a way CTs can control the courtyard and mid from the same area.

5. This is as one-way drop from the Ts flanking route into the courtyard. Since I made the right bombsite at B extremely campable, this allows Ts to flank the site and contest mid, or smoke the window and siege the site from both entrances.

My primary concerns are that the layout is two reliant on lanes to reach the sites which could hinder combat, that the CTs have too many areas they need to control, and that the right bombsite would be too hard for CTs to retake if they don't have any utilities and are outnumbered. I know most of these issues can only be diagnosed through play-testing but if you have any feedback it would really be appreciated.

Here are some of the assets I plan on using:272183172_CT_spawnnew.png.daba093e4883f94a3debcedf4712894d.png20210216151722_1.jpg.1314593e365bad007a2159ec0be42af6.jpg20210216151756_1.jpg.aa48fefce5f09679e931e548a8f01d09.jpg20210216151806_1.jpg.193eeaf12865a3de3e13bf68210f8c44.jpg

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16 hours ago, Terrasul said:


Made some changes to the Layout and added a radar.


this layout looks really interesting! A few remarks from just running around with bots: B seems very easy to take. Seems like you really don't want to be stuck in the site. Also the main A path for Ts doesn't feel super great, just a little too contrived. Similarly for CTs, the courtyard feels a little too open? But that's probably intended. Finally, I hope this radar reflects new updates that simply aren't on the workshop yet, because I think mid would benefit from having less tight chokepoints. If you want to make mid go through the church, maybe think about making some of these really huge double doors as the entrances on both sides. Something like this but 5/3 the size: 


In any case, excited to see, where this is going! 

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Made some updates based on the provided feedback. I moved the spawns around to improve timings and opened up mid to make it easier to play. I am definitely going to have to work on mid to make it more than just a long uninspired road of boxes. I also want to incorporate more unique thematic elements into the layout, similar to how Furnace is designed. I also need to improve the layout and cover of the courtyard so it isn't just the box-room-with-a-smaller-box-in-the-center trope like in Ancient.


Reworked B site to make easier to hold. The old site seemed kind of uninspired and I couldn't find a way to make the architecture fit the theme. I'm still working on making the timings better as I want CTs to reach the bottom of the hill through both routes before the Ts.


Tried to open up T to A. Still not satisfied with it but its a WIP. I want to make it the most prominent route while also channeling it into an indoors area, which I have found is a challenge as the entrance to the connector is a sewer and I don't want it to turn into a maze of straight, tight, corridors20210225233741_1.jpg.ce56a4a20ac0dabf605910710736ec70.jpg


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Update: Completely remade B site to make it more unique and thematic. It generally follows the same layout but is much bigger and has more verticality. It was definitely to open at first so I sprinkled in some cover to break up long site lines and make it easier to take. I'm still not sure how it feels so I'd love any feedback you guys have.The Bombsite is around the obelisk and I cut off some of the tunnel around so simply it.20210227134750_1.jpg.7ed581a917b46704f6df8cc1b913e1fe.jpg

The approach from T. Tried using the arch and that board to limit sight-lines.20210227134804_1.jpg.2fe7babebc934f6cb6f0d4d77caff191.jpg

Reworked CT Spawn. This basically a place holder at this point as I need a way to delay CTs from getting to mid without hurting the site timings.20210227134841_1.jpg.01076835f862009ae17d24f72bd217d4.jpg

I blocked the window into the courtyard at Mid. However, I realized this made Mid quite useless as it only lead directly to Ct spawn, so I added a stairway down to the connector room to allow Ts to rotate through it to both sites through the connectors. I also want to rework mid so that Ts can contest the area up to stairway without having complete mid control, similar to Cat on Dust II.20210227134852_1.jpg.2fc7d07f76a5a22c0ba84760b87c79dc.jpg

I also reworked T to A. This is closer to how I want it but its still a WIP. I also changed up the cover in the courtyard.panama_radar.jpg.1710f2c8c20ee47a1fb308bbb09aacdd.jpg



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