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Unreal Engine 3 Demo Footage


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Ah good old Tim Sweeney. Clever guy to be sure, but not much of a public speaker :)

Nexus, did you even watch the whole thing? When it zooms out and shows lots of the city, do you seriously think that is unimpressive? Do you think any engine currently on the market could manage that?

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Indeed the Unreal 3 engine is amazing and also this demo was quite nice, but not mind-blowing at all.

1. The objects are very repetitive. For example you see the garbage decal on the road about 5 times.

2. None of the props actually cast a shadow except the buggy.

3. Did you see the ground texture after the buggy left the park? Too many tiles.

4. When the buggy drives down stairs the props suddenly pop up. No LOD, no fading but a very small draw distance.

Of course I'm a bit fussy and the general impression of the demo is great. But it shows me 2 things:

First, the designers of that demo must have been a bit lazy. Of course it's a demo but even then it could be a bit better designed.

Second thing is, that it looks like the Unreal3 engine can't handle so many polygons as I thought it could do. Once again I learn not to trust in early "screenshots".

But as I said, the Unreal3 engine is still very stunning.

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