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Good job @zombi, I think you nailed how to present your maps! Lots of beauty screens as well as screens that go over your thought process, definitely a thumbs up.
Apologies for the length but don't be intimidated, it's mostly little things.

The website is easy to navigate and understand, which you have done well.
It works well on mobile too from my quick test.

You can find good advice a bit everywhere, I've recently stumbled on some that I just linked the videos in the pinned topic in this section.
There are two things I can highlight from everything I've read/seen on (level design) portfolios:

  • illustrate your thought process - including sketches and greybox shots;
  • spellcheck all your text: just by skimming I noticed many spelling mistakes;
    • check the website, CV, emails and applications you will send;
    • Grammarly is a great (free) tool, you can use their editor (which is great because gives you synonyms of a word by double-clicking) and they have an extension that works in the browser and desktop apps. If you are using Word or Google's you need to ensure it's set to American or British English.

You could add some polish without changing big things, my nit-picks on the website are:

  • The blue used for name and titles in the articles doesn't contrast well with the background;
    • You could use just white or another colour closer to the yellow you used, and use a bolder font setting;
  • The map titles are not links, also change the "click pictures to see details" text to some sort of button or clear link like "read the case study" or similar -- it's just good practice to provide good navigation, instead of telling people what to do (people might wonder if you do that in your maps?);
    • make the URL of your website on the CV a clickable link;
  • Some more white space would make everything more readable;
  • Zoomed images might need some compression, seemed to open a bit slowly - I suggest to use this TinyPNG even on top of Photoshop compression;
    • Then test on mobile and maybe drop the connection to 3G to see if it's acceptable - say you go to a networking event and try to show your website and there's poor connection.


I'm a FC fan too, great job with your outpost. Maybe not important but personally I think you make it look too easy, hence a bit boring, @Radu might leverage in. I personally would like to see:

  • verticality in the gameplay (drop from a roof, use of zipline -- in FC3 and FC4 I loved to glide on some roof to begin my killing spree at any chance I got);
  • use of different weapons;
  • use of different AI/NPC (include snipers for example);
  • a memorable location like a downed airplane seems to require focus on the plane:
    • add some environmental storytelling like: "the enemy is moving some cargo";
    • place a heavy guard(?).


Hope this helps and that you get a job in the industry soon!

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Thanks man! I will try to improve this in free time.

I used grammarly and I think website should be free from spelling mistakes, weird.

FC5 map has most of this points, like different weapons, different enemy types, RPG as a reward for exploration. Maybe it's lack of some environment story, but the idea was simple: cult came to farm, killed hosts because they were interested in the crashed plane.

Yeah hopefully I will get a job ? I guess this 2 projects might be not enough for some studios, so I'm learning BO3 editor already and it's more powerful than Source and FC5 editor. I will have a chance to show what I learned so far and who knows what will be next.

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