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Your best Battlefield 2 moment so far...


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Heres mine

Im playing FuShe Pass, 32 player version as an American Spec Ops. There are 2 other squads that are full (6 players each), so I make my own squad and invite pretty much everybody that isnt in a squad already, one guy joins, typical. Anyway, we fight a bit, but then suddenly the Chinese are totally blocked off in a base, besides their uncapturable base. Me and my squadmate are the guys closest to it, so I grab a nearby Chinese jeep and we head over there.

Now, imagine 16 players squashed together at one spawn point, thats what we saw, and my initial thought was that we would last 10 seconds, but my response was to just to drive through them. In 1 run i get like 5 guys, and they're just flying into the air, all while my gunner is taking off guys behind us. I then drive over on a mountain side, have the jeep tilt up 90 degrees on the side, and then flip it down again (kinda like skating a halfpipe :D) and drive over another guy.

But it didnt end there

We then jump out of the jeep, i drop 2 c4 charges on the ground, and we sneak behind some buildings. A few seconds after I detonate and see 2 guys just flying over the building. Priceless.

Then one of the enemy players takes an APC, which could end our little rampage, so I run over to it, through a shitload of enemy soldiers (Think something like Spiers in Band of Brothers), plant 2 c4 on it, run like hell away and detonates it.

Then they got me shortly after, but that was one of the best experiences Ive ever had playing a computer game, truely stunning.

Oh yeah, me and my squadmate ended up having double the points of any of the other 6 man squads, pretty awesome :D

Anyway, your turn! :D

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Me and my friend want to make a team of suicide bombers. Basically take vehicals loaded with c4 charges and have one guy drive/fly them into groups of guys. So then you get -1 kill for the suicide but +4 for the explosion. Oh and we'll be the American team, enemy's would never suspect American suicide bombers. :roll:

Now my friend just needs to get a damn PC, instead of a Mac. :mad:

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honestly how could you not like this game. i could understand if it wasnt your type of game or were like....a RTS/RPG whore....but still you cant disagree with the fact that it the best game in its genre. i think you mother fuckers are biased for one reason or another....come on tell me....i bet its just that you have shitty computers and are mad at the world because you cant run it.

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