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I'm currently working on my entry to this great contest.

Its working with the theme of restarting a lava powered installation. So far I'm about 40% done, so many things to do. Screenshots to follow. Here is a p-link to the current build: m-yM9kZZRh3g


Where I'm at:

I still need to block out the yellow key area and the final fight.

I need to rework all the encounters to get the flow right

A final art pass


Still got a month and a bit, so feeling like I'll get it done in time.

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Been making some major changes and starting to feel happy about the map. Still probably at the 70ish % completed stage... but yeah, there were things that annoyed me, like


1. The central hub being too big and under utilized. 

2. Some of the fights feeling more like a slog than a fun encounter.

3. Overall brightness

4. Not enough dynamic movers and moving things... always good to have the environment react to the players actions.

So yeah, still working on the yellow key areas and the big final part. Faces are currently at 15001... haha classic.

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Still chipping away, starting to get happy with the level. Finally smashed my final section into something enjoyable (fingers crossed) 

Things I've done: Happy to say I think I've got most of that previous list ticked off.

Things to: More polish and encounter work. Play testing. (Anyone keen? shoot me a msg)


Playthrough from 2 days ago: 

 (Final section has been replaced along with a bunch of other stuff) 

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