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Online tools to convert cubemaps to panoramas (and vice versa)

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I recently found a couple of GitHub tools that convert cubemap faces into equirectangular panoramas and vice versa:

I've been using the Panorama to Cubemap tool to port SpaceEngine skyboxes into CS:GO. To be more specific, I've been converting panoramic/cylindrical screenshots taken in SpaceEngine into the Valve skybox format. For the Cubemap to Panorama tool, I've been using it to apply CS:GO sky textures onto skydomes.

To use the Panorama to Cubemap tool, upload your panoramic screenshot in a 2:1 format. After the tool processes your screenshot, download the cubemaps by clicking on the individual faces. Use the following conversion to rename the cubemap faces:

nx -> bk
ny -> dn
nz -> lf
px -> ft
py -> up
pz -> rt

From there, import the renamed skyboxes into VTFedit.

To use the Cubemap to Panorama tool, upload each cubemap image into each respective slot (upload BK to Back, LF to left etc.) When it comes to rotation, make sure the Up face rotation is set to 90 degrees, while all the other faces are set to 0 degrees. After setting your resolution, you can now download your new panoramic skybox.

If you want to specifically learn how to fit your panorama onto a skydome, read this tutorial I wrote here.

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Used that first link a bit too a year or some ago to try and get some architectural photos extracted from equirectangular panoramas, it seems like a good first step but if the building is wider or higher than the cube face you just end up with heaps of work trying to fix the bent pieces than if you used a proper panorama editor in the first place

Was a little tough trying to figure out Hugin ((free) panorama editor) because I guess turning panoramas into not-panoramas isn't what panorama creation software is primarily geared towards, and since I guess noone else was doing it either because it was pretty hard to troubleshoot. Well either that or I just lacked the photographers' jargon needed to search my issue.

Easy as pie once you do figure out the steps though

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