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[CSGO] AIM_Six_Arenas and spinoffs (1v1 multi arena with a twist)

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Original Map (AIM_Six_Arenas) Downloads:


After several weeks of works, I would like to present to everyone my take on 1v1 multi arena: AIM_Six_Arenas. The map features six 1v1 arenas connected by a hallway. For the first 20 seconds of each round, though, arena doors are locked, forcing players into 1v1 matchups. After 20 seconds, the doors to each arena will unlock, allowing players to use the connecting hallway to hunt down other players. You can and should use the radar to determine where remaining enemies are located.

As there is only one door into each arena, I gave players the ability to teleport directly into an arena, potentially bypassing anyone camping at the door. However, there is a two second delay before you can teleport, so you can't simply use the teleporter to cheaply run away from enemies in the hallway. Also, to reduce the amount of searching after the doors are unlocked, there are indicators in the hallway showing which arenas are currently occupied.

This map also has random sets of weapons each round. The matchups are:

  • USP-S vs. Glocks
  • Five-Seven vs. Tec-9
  • Mag-7 vs. Sawed-off
  • MP9 vs Mac-10
  • Famas vs. Galil
  • M4 vs. AK47
  • AUG vs. SG 553


I also plan on releasing several spinoff maps based off of this map, with individual maps based on the arenas, as well as a more traditional 1v1 multi arena map compatible with the 1v1 plugin.

And now screenshots of the six arenas, as well the connecting hallway:














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As I said at the top, there will be several spinoff maps of aim_six_arenas. In fact, I've already released one that's compatible with Arms Race, Demolition and Deathmatch, AR_Six_Arenas:

This spinoff removes AIM_Six_Arenas' game_player_equip entity, due to that entity causing CS:GO to crash in Arms Race and Demolition modes. While this map was originally designed for those aforementioned modes, it is still playable in casual/competitive modes, where, instead of randomly preselected weapons, players use buyzones to get guns. In other words, if you ever wondered how 1v1 multi arena would play out with buyzones, this map is kind of for you.

Other than that, this map identical to the original, hence no screenshots. For the first 20 seconds, the arena doors are locked, forcing players into 1v1 matchups. After 20 seconds (15 seconds after the end of freeze time), the doors will unlock, allowing players to use the hallway connecting the arenas to hunt down surviving enemies.


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