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ROOF [How to build?]

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On 1/1/2021 at 8:22 AM, blackdog said:

I don’t see the point of building this way if players can’t go in the roof space.

Just build a solid trapezoid that will be textured roof on the outside and ceiling inside. Then building the gable (overhang) it’s easy with an additional brush (which you can easily align by using translation to and clipping tools).

Especially when using thin walls there’s the chance of creating light leaks or shadow glitches, so always build the most solid brushes you can.

Theres also a matter of extra brushes; the limit of brushes you are allowed in a map is generous but still something that could crop up when pushing the limits.

Aside from that, you just end up with extra stuff on the screen that makes it harder to understand what’s going on when looking at a fully populated map.

One reason would be that you want to avoid weird shapes for solid brushes (as opposed to func_details), as it'll create odd visleaves. Especially when they're angled on the X and Y axis. Sometimes this is unavoidable of course, but in most cases it's best to keep it as basic as possible.
Another would be that it's likely that the angled brushes that make up the roof are turned into displacements, so you'll need a solid brush below to seal the interior.

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