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Goals for 2021?

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Not really a goal. I was going through many youtube channels about psychology, narcissist behavior or personality disorder and something new stroke me.

Some narcissistic parents, politicians or toxic people on toxic relationships have an overwhelming focus on the image they have towards others. One very damaging behavior of narcissistic persons is that they hide weakness or run away from them, trying to live in a world that they belive is right for them. It's a neverending race to win at all costs. they seem to forget that you can't be the best forever. Often they aren't the best, but they somehow create in their minds this illusion that they are.

I'm following a neuroscientist that has a lesson talking about how social media hides the ugly or the bad. It's a place where everyone have perfect lives or perfect happiness. That's an utter lie! I was looking at some random channel where the guy records demos playing a game, only duels and that shows he winning all matches. In some comments some friend of him was teasing him about playing too much games and that he was surprised that this guy was declaring himself as the best player of all time. He responded by stating that his channel was a proof that he is the best and that everyone loses when playing against him. He was clearly somewhat distressed by someone doubting his self entitlement. Where are the matches that he loses? Hidden, not uploaded to youtube.

There is no such world where you can't lose or where everyone wins / everyone loses. Nobody can remain at the top forever. If you take that reversed, nobody should stay at the bottom forever either. That's something I learned from a channel that scrutinizes interviews, body language, speeches, thinking, in an attempt to detect lies and deception. The guy is specialized in promotion, selling and talking in public. He states that if you see someone stating that they never failed, it's probably a lie. If you reverse that, it's also pretty impossible for someone to never succeed in anything.

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On 12/9/2020 at 12:02 AM, Radu said:

For me, short term is to publish San Juan (remake of my csgo contest entry) and update it through the first quarter of next year. Long term would have to be picking more healthy habits like a constant sleep schedule and being a bit more physically active (like even going for a walk more regularly). And of course, I would like to try a more elaborate project :) 

Well, short term turned into long term. The map is coming along pretty good, but fairly slow. Definitely a lot harder to sit down and work after your 9 to 5 where you're essentially doing the same mental juggling. I can see now why some people here stopped working on levels in their spare time. 

How's everyone doing?

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