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I'd like to see Mapcore grow.


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I think this community has the potenial to be even bigger than it is now. I'd love to see Mapcore expand to be one of the most popular game design communities, but not just for HalfLife, but for Unreal, Doom, Farcry, and whatever other games that can be modded as well. There are so many other talented people out there and it would be great to see them posting here.

I've put this in my signature for other various forums for a little pimping action. Copy and paste it if you want to do the same.


Edit: hahah stupid html doesnt even work here.

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Yeah we need some love on the front page... I may give that some effort in teh coming months but my time is very narrow.

However, we are set up very well for growth. We could quadruple in size tomorrow and be fine.

As for people wanting us to stay our current size so it doesn't get too crowded. Don't worry about that sorta stuff. I'm aware problems like that theoretically could exist in the future. The plan at that point would be to sub divide the forums more to create smaller parts of the whole. This failed originally because we didn't have the man power. Now we're getting there.

Now if only we had the damn tshirts.

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Not be negative or set a stop to anything, because I myself, really like this community, has some very nice people :)

But the MapCore's reputation out there really sucks. Most people you talk to, that hangs on site like Map-Center, really really hate Mapcorians, because we're not newb friendly at all. If someone here post something that needs a little bit of work, some people here really makes the person know it



But, as I said, I really like alot of you guys, I'm just saying what I've been hearing alot when I say I usually hang at Mapcore^^

Im not saying that you shouldnt give critics where it should be given, just try to watch what you say and be constructive... I know I gotta learn a bit about that too ;)

EDIT: http://www.mapcore.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2737&start=0

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who cares about mapcenter.

personally i listen to critique more when its harsh cause then i know i did something wrong. worst that could happen is if this turned into something like the dod mapping forum where everybody shits their pants if someone posts a hammer pic of a textured cube.

critique should still be constructive... so saying stuff like THIS SUCKS, THIS IS FUCKING UGLY etc etc is indeed not welcome. But I think Mapcore has changed in this regard with a few exceptions.

Also, we have more professionals on this forum than any of the other hl2 editing forums.

The only place I can think of that is GAME focused, bigger and has more professionals than Mapcore is polycount. Thats where I go if I want focused critique. We still need to work on that.

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I know what you mean Skjalg, but thats the way I learned it too. There were alot of harsh people on the counter-strike forums when I was starting up, and that didnt put me down, it made me stronger and better able to take critism.

But seriously, remakes like that one is just begging to be flamed ;D Even my first hl test map compile looked better than that :)

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