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Spanish Town - Unreal 4 VR Environment + Tutorial

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When I was learning SD, I was put off by how long the official videos are. So I recorded a crash course introduction, where I show only the main tools you need to know to make cool textures, and also the general method that I use for most textures, so you can go from zero to this in about an hour and half :)


There's a lot more I can do to this texture to make it look much better, but I wanted to keep it simple and not overwhelm the user with too many different concepts:

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Another weekend, another update :D

I just finished recording a "crash course" on making textures, by using a combination of Substance Designer, Photoshop and Zbrush. I start from zero and assume that you never used SD or Zbrush before, and walk through the tools I use the most. Still a lot of polish to do with these, but I'm digging how graphic they look already :)


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18 hours ago, blackdog said:

I love the minimalistic-yet-realistic look you have going on, not sure how much you’ll push it in terms of fidelity going forward, looking forward to the next updates 

Thanks man!

I think the style is starting to become clear for me now. I don't want it to be super stylized, but not super realistic either. Hyperreal would be how I'd describe it :D

Here's a blend material to paint damage on the plaster wall:

and a screenshot with messed up UVs :P


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