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Smaller-scale Danger Zone maps?

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One problem I've noticed with trying to organize games for custom Danger Zone is that the map size is much too large if you don't have sufficient players. This got me thinking: are there any smaller-scale danger zone maps that would suit 6-12 players?

Failing that, does anyone know if there's a way to make bots actually play the mode, to offset the lack of human players?

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Couldn't you increase the rate at which the safe zone shrinks? Or create pre-defined subsectioning so every round only opens up a part of the map? I'm sure you can just spawn regular bots once the round's started, but I doubt they'd play the mode very well.

All of those options do assume you're able to edit the map in question, though. So I guess not exceedingly useful to your situation. ( I kind of assumed you were talking about playtesting a WIP dz map when I first scanned over your post )

What happens if you just add bots to the server while a DZ match is starting?

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Bots usually run towards you and try to beat you to death with their bare hands. I don't think there's any programming for them to purchase using the tablet or even seek out items.

Taking existing maps and modifying the game rules could also work, but I'm not sure how many game rules can be changed via config/console and how many need to be done in hammer. Ideally this would be something I could exec on map load on any functioning DZ map.

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