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My UT maps updated to new UT patch

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So unreal 1 had its source opened to a group of ppl to keep it updated. Now the same thing happened to UT1999. I decided to update my maps to test the unrealed version. After 20 years unrealed for UT finally can run with 3D acceleration.

- EFX zone effects. It was broken before but now with the new version of UT it works.

- Some BSP errors fixed

- Textures that were 24bits with no 8bits fallback now have 8bits fallback to make maps compatible with rendering settings set to disable texture compression.








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Made 5 versions for 5 tracks from Goldeneye Source's OST.

The black logos and trademarks were too low contrast due to the map being mostly dark grey. To fix that I inverted them to white.





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