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Converting Maya into a usable/editable format for HL2.


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Hey, lately ive been working on a mod for HL2, and im the modeler, but the problem is, i use maya for all my 3d art, and there isnt an easy way to get them into HL2 as weapons. Ive tried several plugins for Maya, even the one that comes with HL2, and it still doesnt work. When i manage to export it as a .smd and open it, it just shows a skeleton for the model even if i neve rplaced one. Ive also tried to import into Milkshape, but all that results in is an error and closes milkshape. Ive also tried to import HL2 weapons so i can change the weapon and keep the hands, but again, ive only managed to open it in milkshape, but not in maya. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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