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[CS:GO] Offshore

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Offshore is my entry to the 2020 Source Engine Wingman Mapping Contest. This map takes place on an offshore decontamination facility.

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I began this project with the idea of creating a map that would support multiple games modes in which each game mode would be played on a different floor/area of the map. Eventually I scrapped that layout and decided to take the theme and build out a wingman map instead. 

Since a few months had already gone by since the contest was announced, my goal for this project was to leverage existing assets to create a fresh experience in an environment that hasn't been explored much.

I'll get into some of the gameplay details in my next post. For now, enjoy some screenshots:












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New Horizons

Offshore will be getting a makeover with fresh textures and models to further realize the theme and set it apart from other maps in CS:GO (ahemNUKEahem). I'll be running playtests in tandem and going through the layout with a fine tooth comb to make sure gameplay is as polished as can be. Here's a look at the current state of gameplay.




(Fastest timings from spawn shown above.)


Design Intent

One of the most common criticisms of the wingman mode is that planting the bomb doesn't matter enough.  My attempt at a solution was to create a layout that encourages CTs to play outside the bombsite to maybe, just maybe, increase the rate at which bomb plants would occur and matter, without making it impossible for the CTs to defend.


Sunken Bombsite

To give CTs an incentive to push out of the bombsite, I came up with the idea of having a plant zone at a lower elevation than the surrounding area.



This was the first savefile for Offshore (formerly named Rig). As you can see, the bombsite was completely different back then. I ended up scrapping it because I didn't think there was enough mobility on-site with the big tank taking so much space. What I did like were some of the angles created by the verticality, so I iterated some more with that in mind.




I even tried a version with the concept in reverse: a raised plant zone, but the vertically issues were even more prevalent (although I don't think that was inherent to the idea of a raised plant zone, but rather this particular attempt.)




A few iterations later I was still struggling with the bombsite design, but I had developed a few other ideas I was liking. 


Catwalk System

From the start I knew I wanted the map to have an interior section and an outdoor section based on a catwalk system. I loved the idea of having a main route high above sea level and giving players a grand view of the ocean. I intentionally designed the catwalk to be narrow to make timing and positioning really important when trying to advance. I wanted the gameplay to have an element of danger, just like the setting. 




A Vent Like No Other

While developing the catwalk section of the map, I came up with my favorite part of the map: the vent system. I needed a way for Ts to counter CTs advancing the catwalk. So I placed a vent opening across the gap below to give Ts a useful angle to hold. I liked that it also gave Ts a way to rotate to the interior section of the map. But what was even more intriguing was the fact that CTs could also jump to the vent to gain a strong flanking position against Ts playing the interior section of the map. This I knew I had to keep.






By version 13 the vision for the bombsite was starting to come together and I had worked out most of the base structure of the map, but I was having trouble figuring out where CT spawn should be to make the timings work as I wanted.



I tried many different permutations of hallways on the CT side of the map to make the timings work. By version 20 I was close, but I still had some kinks to work. I wanted to break up the symmetry on the bombsite a bit more and also give CTs more mobility when playing on the upper portion of the site.




By version 25 I had fully arted the map and was satisfied with all the pathing and timings.




The addition of the upper double door entrance to the bombsite as well as the catwalks around the pillars helped give CTs some much needed mobility on the upper site.




Placing the CT spawn point here fixed all the timings. With a boostable stack of crates, a ladder and a stairs all within view, my hope is that players are tempted to move out of the site from the get-go.




This expanded upper area with the crates helped to break some of the symmetry while providing cover for players navigating this side of the upper site.




The window entrance into the site from mid allows a player to check each position on the upper portion of the site first. By the time they get to the door, they can begin to scan the lower section. They can also use the yellow crate to get a steeper angle into the site.



And lastly, the addition of the truss detailing on the exterior allowed for the possibility of giving the Ts a jump puzzle to push into the control room. I love when art and gameplay meet in the middle.


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Hey @Kokopelli, how’s the situation with bomb plants? Did you achieve to make it more important?

I find interesting that in my Wingman experience, I’ve seen more bomb plants in a simple map like Rialto than any other (haven’t played custom tho).

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