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Just a quick head I'm working on


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First attempt at modeling characters, and it's taking an absolute age to make any progress. I had started the same character twice previous and deleted it both times, but stuck at it this time.


I'm working from this tutorial (which IMO is the best I've found yet):

http://www.3dtotal.com/ffa/tutorials/ma ... anmenu.asp

Does anyone have any good human modeling links? I'm mainly needing some reference pictures that show the muscle structure and stuff, as nearly every tutorial always says to model heads with the edges flowing in the same direction as the muscles.

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I must say that is looking very good so far. Good clean and accurate mesh :) To be honest I really suck at modelling organic stuff and my attempt at modelling MrH2o's face is a disaster to say the least. I will continue on it once my exams are done hopefully.

Great job at the head, keep posting updates :D and i will also have a look at the tutorial to help me out :B

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I guess the workflow of creating faces and stuff must be rather bad in Max. I would use ZBrush or maybe take a Poser model as reference. I don't know, never done any organic stuff before.

What techniques/programs do you guys use for creating such stuff?

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I don't think the workflow is bad (though I'm hardly experienced), it just takes me a long time to actually achieve anything because I find it difficult to get the shape of the head correct in all three dimensions :)

P.s. I just realised the picture I posted looks like captain america haha.

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i think his nasal bone is too thin, looks very feminine, almost doll-like. it should be quite a bit wider, imo.

when i saw the first wip with no mouth and ears i kinda thought what it would look like once further progressed :)

it was really clean and all and now with the mouth area it got kinda "messy" with some tris here and there. It's nothing bad in the end you just have to work around the model to improve the polyflow a bit. The chin area could be cleaned up a bit with taking away one edge row. Well and again for the polyflow you could move some vertices to get rid of some zigzag edges :)

anyways, a very solid start so far \o/

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Came back to this after a (long) while and added some stuff, fixed the lips, changed the bone structure (nose is thicker and added the bit under the eye as suggested) aaaaaaaand just learning.. stuff. Yeah. I think it's a lot better than it was, mainly thanks to the suggestions here :) Started on the ear as well, but it's touuuuuuuuuuugh.




http://img374.imageshack.us/img374/6638 ... ets1ud.jpg

Quick Renders:


http://img383.imageshack.us/my.php?imag ... ol25py.jpg

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