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Can you smell what the Blizz is cooking?


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The peoples game company (yeah I like The Rock analogies) has an impressive array of open jobs at it's pages.

They range all the way from console artist and game designers to programmers and in-game staff for WoW. I'm pretty sure that Blizz won't hire people just to sit around, and after blizz bought Swingin' Ape the developer of Starcraft: Ghost I don't think they did it just to see the development of this game through, but they are clearly as interested on next-gen consoles are are the other developers, who knows, maybe we will see WoW going to consoles to further the insane 2million subscribers currently roaming the Lands of Azeroth.

Something is definedly happening since a plethora of job openings are on Bliz Norht offices, and they are known for making the Diablo series, so maybe something yum yum for the Diablo freaks out there, so STAY SHARP PEOPLE!

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Blizzard does indeed have something big underway. I have also followed the massive openings of jobs which started in the beginning 2005.

They do have both Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 to make, so it is kinda logical that they want a lot of people. Personally I hope for SC2 as SC:BW is one of the best RTS games ever.

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Yeah well PC Starcraft game is way over due, but knowing how story oriented company Blizz is we'd have to see how Ghost unravels. But something shocking is underway I'm positive of it, and the story goes that few of the teams have been "inactive" after WoW was released so they have got all this time to do Starcraft2/Diablo3 pre-production. Every time I hear a rustle from either Blizzards or Relics direction my ears and eyes are peeled on them like a hawk, with binocuolars and one of those spy distance listening thingies.

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