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I am back! Just kidding, I am Anselmo. (wat.jpg)

It's been a while since my last visit to this great game dev temple! My life has changed, a lot busier now but improving a lot professionally. So it's all good.

You guys can update the OP mentioning me as


TFG Co (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Website: http://www.tfgco.com/

Al Anselmo - Senior QA Analyst




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I forgot to mention I stopped working at UFG about a month ago. My plan is to take a good portion of the summer off for my own personal projects as well as some good old fashioned lazy goofing off. 

I'll be starting work again mid-july.

EDIT : Nothing to do with infinity. I left well before that news.

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32 minutes ago, Vilham said:

Out of interest how did you transition from Senior Technical designer to lead level?

Oh I've always been LD at heart. :) The TD title kind of just happened during Spec Ops because I ended up doing large amounts of scripting and console stuff.

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